Discover the Best Canvas and PVC Solutions in New Zealand

We mainly provide services in manufacturing and repairing canvas and PVC products. Below, you will find the full range of services we offer.

Custom Canvas and PVC Manufacturing

Do you have an idea in mind but cannot find the right plan to execute it? No worries! If any of the products featured on the shop page aren't quite what you need, get in touch, and we will make it for you according to your specification regardless of domestic or commercial applications. 

Our employees are highly skilled and trained to listen to your demands and charter a plan for how we can meet your needs. Our experts are passionate about solving your problems. Whether it is a small-scale request or a product demand for a large-scale business does not matter. We will make anything for you! And the best part, there won't be a compromise on our promises of quality. Every product you request will be suited to perfection so that you get the product you deserve. We won't stop until your demands are satisfied because you are at the core of our business. 

The list of products that we manufacture ranges from trailer covers, crash pads, tramp mats, spare wheel covers, canvas caravan awnings, and a whole lot more. This list is not exhaustive. You can find the list of products we sell on our featured shop page. Examples of our customised products include canopies that we can customise to any specifications with options for both fixed wall mounting and adjustable varieties. Likewise, our awnings come in roller blind and folding arm options with remote control available.

Two promises accompany every product that you buy from J.McGrath. A promise of quality and a promise of exceptional customer service. We use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure our products are error-free. Our quality checks highlight our commitment to quality. Our robust quality assurance measures ensure you get the product you ordered.

Our second promise relates to excellent customer service. From when you decide to when you receive the products, you can be satisfied that we will be with you, ready to answer any query. For us, there are no mundane questions. If you have a question, we will reach out to you and respond to your query.

Canvas and PVC Repairs

We also provide repairing services for PVC products that include but are not limited to tents, awnings, horse covers, chair covers, and much more. Feel free to drop off your damaged products with us, and we will ensure they receive the care they deserve. Our experts are very experienced when it comes to repairing damaged products. Send us an email to receive a free quote or to find out how we can fix your particular product. 

Canvas and PVC Supplies

In addition, we also provide canvas and PVC supplies and other related products for a wide range of applications. Our supplies include buckles, eyelets, fasteners, mesh, velcro, webbing, and more. You can rest assured that the product you will receive will be made using the highest quality material because quality products are our promise. It is an embodiment of our legacy that dates back to the 1800s. There will be no compromise on quality. A compromise on quality is a compromise on our valuable customers!